Get CDL Training On-Site Without Creating Your Own Program

Get CDL Training On-Site Without Creating Your Own Program through our CDL school

Sending employees to receive CDL training at a CDL school is expensive and inefficient.

Due to CDL schools running large classes, there is a lot of standing around and watching, which is preventing your employee from getting the quality behind-the-wheel practice that they need.

Ideally, you want to train employees on-site so you can also manage their on-boarding process and get them indoctrinated with your company culture.

But you do not want to create a CDL training program yourself that meets the stricter ELDT requirements.

So, what are your other options?

You can hire an experienced CDL trainer with an On-Site Company Contract Training Program.

How does it work?

Most CDL schools will require your employees to be in training for an entire month, 40 hours a week, in large classes with many other trainees.

Here at the CNS Driver Training Center, we know that companies cannot afford to lose their employees for that long, which is why we can come on-site in the Pennsylvania to Delaware area to be your CDL training program.

To meet your company’s training requirements, you would first talk to one of our staff about your needs so we can tailor a training program specific to you.

For example, you may want your drivers to train using your own company equipment or you may want to utilize your own trucks.

While we can train in a group setting, we specialize in one-on-one CDL training that gives your employee an instructor that can focus solely on them, which can get them road-ready much quicker. 

FMCSA required theory knowledge training

As required by the FMCSA ELDT Rule, trainees need 40 hours of theory training and approximately 25 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

The theory knowledge training must cover 30+ areas of course topics, which include:

  • Designation
  • Visual Search
  • Speed Management
  • Post-Crash Procedures
  • Orientation
  • Communications
  • Space Management
  • Maintenance
  • Control Systems/Dashboard
  • Jackknifing & Other Emergencies
  • Handling & Documenting Cargo
  • Hours of Service Requirements
  • Pre & Post-Trip Inspections
  • Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
  • Environmental Compliance Issues
  • Fatigue & Wellness Awareness
  • Basic Control
  • Distracted Driving
  • Trip Planning
  • Roadside Inspections
  • Medical Requirements
  • Extreme Driving Conditions
  • Whistleblower/Coercion
  • External Communications
  • Backing & Docking
  • Night Operation
  • Hazard Perception
  • Skid Control/Recovery
  • Coupling & Uncoupling
  • Identification & Diagnosis of Malfunctions
  • Shifting/Operating Transmissions
  • Drugs & Alcohol

While there is no specific number of hours needed in theory training, driver trainees must demonstrate “proficiency” by passing theory curriculum with a score of 80% or higher before taking the CDL test.

Completing the theory knowledge can be done at your employee’s discretion online or though classroom sessions.

One-on-one behind-the-wheel training

As soon as the theory knowledge is complete, your employee will move to one-on-one behind-the-wheel training. 

This usually consists of 7 to 8 training sessions which last 4 to 5 hours each. We find that most trainees can complete our program in as little as a few weeks, depending on training availability.

Once your employee shows their proficiency and passes all requirements, they will be able to take the test in the same truck they trained in with one of our certified 3rd party examiners.

Our On-Site Company Contract Training Program can be tailored to your specifications from equipment to time frames. If you are interested in group training, we can accommodate that as well.

Give us a call at 717.496.9145, email us at, or stop by the office at 151 Koser Road in Lititz, Pennsylvania to get started.

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Monthly Newsletter

September 23, 2023

Watch the most recent episode for a Quick Trucking News Update