Meet the Team

CDL driving instructor and owner in lancaster, PA

John Irwin


John is considered an expert in the truck licensing and compliance industry and is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of Compliance Navigation Specialists and all subsidiary companies.

CDL driving instructor in Lititz near Lancaster, PA

Jolyn Graham

Vice President of Operations

Jolyn has worked in the trucking industry as a Commercial Truck Driver for the past 10 years with experience ranging from a large pickup truck and trailer to Class A tractor-trailer hauling oversized loads.

Melissa Irwin | Chief Human Resources Officer | CNS Driver Training Center

Melissa Irwin

Chief Human Resources Officer

As Chief Human Resources Officer for CNS Companies, Melissa serves to attract the best candidates to all of our teams. She seeks to build a team of employees that reach their full professional and personal potential.

Chris Kiehl | VP of Business Development | CNS Driver Training Center, a CDL school

Chris Kiehl

Vice President of
Business Development

Chris leads the Sales and Marketing teams and has been a key driver in the direction and success of CNS Companies. He is the chief problem solver and excels at galvanizing the teams with a pragmatic approach.

Ron Haws | Controller | CNS Driver Training Center, a CDL school

Ron Haws


As the Controller for CNS Companies and the former Agency Director of CNS Insurance, Ron is dedicated to risk mitigation, safety education of truckers across the country, and the overall vision of CNS Companies.

CDL driving instructor in lancaster, PA

Dean Weinhold

CDL Driving Instructor

Dean is one of our most experienced instructors with over 25 years of experience in the trucking and transportation industry. There is no question that he cannot answer.

Jeff Youse

CDL Driving Instructor

Jeff is one of our more recent CDL school driving instructors and comes with years of experience driving trucks. You will be lucky to train with any of our instructors, but Jeff will ensure you are comfortable and ready to go on the road by yourself.

Rachel Williams | CDL school CSR | CNS Driver Training Center

Rachel Williams

Administrative Assistant

Rachel is our Administrative Assistant. If you call in to discuss getting your CDL or scheduling training, you will most likely speak with her. She is very knowledgeable and fully capable of answering any and all questions.

Daryl Yarnes | CDL Driving Instructor | CNS Driver Training Center, a CDL school

Darryl Yarnes

CDL Driving Instructor

Darryl came to us with many years of experience under his belt. He is patient and really knows his stuff. Listen to his tips and instruction and you will have no problem passing your CDL test.

Tyler Rissler | CDL Instructor | CNS Driving Instructor

Tyler Rissler

CDL Driving Instructor

CDL school instructor Marty Funk at CNS Driving Training Center

Marty Funk

CDL Driving Instructor

Summer Calderon | CDL Administrative Assistant | CNS Driver Training Center

Summer Calderon

Administrative Assistant

Linda Weinhold at our CDL school

Linda Weinhold

Bus/School Bus Instructor

Linda has many years of experience in the industry with Passenger Carriers and as a School Bus Driver. She will prepare you to safely drive children to and from school or transport passengers in no time. The safety of all passengers is the top priority for Linda and the CNS Driver Training Center.