What is the Cheapest Way to get your CDL?

What is the Cheapest Way to get your CDL? - CDL school news

There are two main ways to get your commercial driving license (CDL):

  1. Private CDL Training with more affordable smaller CDL Schools, like CNS Driver Training Center,
  2. Company Contract CDL Training, or
  3. CDL Training with a big expensive truck driving schools that train in large groups.

Both ways will effectively train you to pass your CDL test and get a new job, but which option is better?

When it comes to making this decision, future drivers will need to consider three factors:

  1. Which way will get you trained the fastest?
  2. Which way provides the best quality of CDL training?
  3. What is the cheapest way to receive CDL training?

We believe you should weigh your decision based on at least two of these important factors, but how much does CDL training actually cost?

How much does it cost to get a CDL?

There are a variety of factors that determine the cost of obtaining a CDL, which include:

  • CDL training cost (based on number of training hours)
  • CDL application fees
  • Road test fees
  • CDL skills test fees
  • Cost of the license (Class A, B, C, etc.)
  • Cost of additional endorsements (hazmat, doubles, etc.)

Additionally, you can save money by avoiding expensive CDL schools and choosing quality tutor-styled or 1-on-1 CDL training, which is what we offer here at CNS Driver Training Center. Many are choosing this route and will even choose out-of-state CDL training because the price difference is so drastic, even when factoring in travel costs.

In general, truck driving schools typically cost up to $10,000, while our CDL School Programs would cost closer to $5000. We have Company Contract Training as well that is less than $4500 and might even be paid for by your company.

With that said, there is only one way to receive free CDL training, find an employer who is willing to train you themselves or pay for your CDL training. This is referred to as Company Sponsored CDL Training and you should expect at least a one-year commitment after training.

What are the benefits of “free” or Company Sponsored CDL Training?

When considering “free” CDL training, you should consider what your actual options are.

Many companies offering to pay for your CDL training require a contract obligation that you drive for the company for at least a year. For younger drivers, this is generally a good thing since you have a job right away and can gather important driving experience right away.

Additionally, companies might offer CDL training tuition reimbursements, internal company CDL training, or pay up-front for you to attend a nearby training center.

There are many benefits here, including the fact that these companies have invested in you and your success, can give you a job right away, can train you immediately on their company’s procedures and expectations, and can often offer fast CDL training.

Fleets we recommend that will pay for your CDL training

Rohrer’s Quarry – Lititz, PA

Rohrer’s Concrete needs drivers to deliver ready-mix concrete to our customers at various job sites, mainly in Lancaster County, but occasionally in surrounding counties.

Learn more about Trucking Jobs in our area

For fleets looking to partner with a quality external training program, be sure to check out CNS Driver Training Center and the options we can provide at your fleet location or at our training site.

Learn more about all levels of truck driver training and CDL permit test preparation that we offer at our CNS Driver Training Center.

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Monthly Newsletter

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