Modernized CDL Testing

The FMCSA is making changes to the CDL Testing structure and PennDOT is adopting these changes.

CNS Driver Training Center is a CDL Training School focused on training highly qualified drivers to get their CDL. There are several different types of training available whether you are brand new to trucking or you just want to upgrade from a Class B CDL to a Class B CDL.

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Have you ever wondered how easy it is to get your CDL? Follow these easy steps.

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Learn the basics when it comes to a Pre-Trip Inspection. Get prepared before starting your CDL Training.

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Learn the basics for Brakes, Tires and Steering when it comes to a Pre-Trip Inspection. Get prepared before starting your CDL Training.

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You can only have one DUI on your record, but a second DUI on your record would disqualify you for life in the state of Pennsylvania.

Yes. With the driver shortage in the trucking industry, there are a lot of companies looking for qualified drivers. We work with multiple local trucking companies that offer a variety of trucking opportunities.

Yes, we offer weekend training and evening training when daylight permits.

About us

3rd Party CDL Testing can reduce persisting delays

The CNS Driver Training Center was developed as an extension of Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS) and CNS Insurance, two companies dedicated to safety, compliance and commercial trucking insurance.

Our CDL driving instructors are professional, experienced and dedicated to making the roads a safer place for both truck drivers and anyone else on the road. You come in as a new driver and leave as a professional.

We started as Compliance Navigation Specialists, a safety and compliance company that began offering CDL driver training at its’ private lot in Ephrata, PA in late 2020, we will be moving into a new building in Lititz, PA, which will have a dedicated area for CDL driver training.

Our Partners

CNS Occupational Medicine partners with companies throughout the healthcare industry to provide the best patient care possible.

Parking at CNS Companies

CNS Driver Training Center is part of a family of companies. If you are visiting CNS Companies, please be respectful of the different parking areas. There are several different divisions with completely different functions. Please reference this map for parking spots depending on the purpose of your visit.


We are always interested in meeting qualified professionals who are interested in joining our team! Email for more information!

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